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PPC Marketing For Auto Parts & Accessories

We build and manage state-of-the-art pay per click advertising programs for internet retailers. Our speciality is helping online automotive and powersports retailers grow their businesses profitably. 


Our Clients

We work with a select handful of clients whose businesses we work hard to understand. This gives us an edge over machine-learning approaches that have limited success when sample sizes are small.


Our Team

We are led by Mark Lee, a veteran marketer who started the agency in 2007 after 29 years as a catalog and internet retailer. Mark has held vice-president positions in a major auto aftermarket group, and at Crutchfield Corporation, where sales grew 11-fold during his time as head of marketing. Mark loves to restore old cars and motorcycles, and holds an MBA from Northwestern University.

Glynis Lee, head of Administration, was born in the UK. Her first car was a 1960 Mini, and she knows how to double-clutch on downshifts. She has degrees in English literature and Philosophy, which she says comes in handy in solving crossword puzzles.

Alison Mamadou, Senior PPC Analyst, has worked with us since 2014. She's a certified Google Ads specialist with a degree from William & Mary. She speaks fluent Spanish and French, having lived in Europe.


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PPC Management

 We are a results-driven online advertising agency specializing in pay-per-click advertising on the major search platforms (Google, Bing, and Yahoo/Oath).

We work with online retailers to help them arrive at the appropriate ad cost / revenue ceiling for their PPC programs – one that balances growth and profitability goals. Then we build a program from scratch or take over management of existing accounts, with regular reporting of results against those goals.

Although we can help any online marketer, we have chosen to focus our efforts on companies selling automotive-related products.


How We're Different

Large SEM agencies have powerful software to assist in bidding and keyword selection. Google also has machine-learning systems. The trouble is that smaller companies in very specific market niches just don't generate enough data for these programs to work effectively. The result is that the marketer wastes thousands of dollars on "bad" clicks.

Our approach is different: we use specific knowledge of your products and customers, along with careful study of search queries, to craft a program that's more efficient – with better-targeted ads and far fewer "wasted" clicks.

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